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Trump retweets doctored clip of Pelosi, Facebook won't take it down

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Company says it is not a news outlet but a social media platform

WASHINGTON The video of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was heavily edited to make her look drunk and incoherent.

The Fox Business Network clip of her at a Thursday news conference was cut to create a false impression. It was viewed by millions including US President Donald Trump and posted on most social media websites.

Mr Trump retweeted the fake video while websites like YouTube took down the videos. Facebook refused to do so.

Facebook vice-president for product policy and counter-terrorism Monika Bickert told CNN that fact-checking organisations checked the video and after it was confirmed to be a fake, the company sharply cut its distribution.

Ms Bickert said: "We think it is important for people to make their own informed choice for what to believe. Our job is to make sure we are getting them accurate information."

That led to an interesting exchange between her and the show's host Anderson Cooper.

Mr Cooper: "You are making money by being in the news business. If you can't do it well, shouldn't you just get out of the news business?"

Ms Bickert rejected the premise in a tense back and forth, reported The Washington Post.

She said: "We aren't in the news business. We are in the social media business,"adding the company removes content deemed a threat to public safety, or from fake accounts.

Mr Cooper: "The reason you are sharing news is because you make money from it... but if you are in the news business, which you are, then you have to do it right. And this is false information you are spreading."

On Twitter late Thursday last week, Mr Trump wrote: "Pelosi stammers through news conference."

Accompanying the tweet was the heavily edited clip, reported Reuters.

At the bottom of the Fox Business screen is the headline, "Pelosi Urges Trump 'Intervention'; Stammers Through News Conference".

The segment included critical commentary about Mrs Pelosi.


During her news conference last Thursday, she suggested Trump aides or family members hold an "intervention" with Mr Trump to address his anger over House investigations of him and his business dealings.

At the White House on Friday, Mr Trump was asked by a reporter about altered videos of Mrs Pelosi, reported Reuters.

He said he did not know anything about the videos and echoed an assertion he made on Thursday that Mrs Pelosi has "lost it".

"Look, you think Nancy is the same as she was? She is not. Maybe we can all say that," Mr Trump said.