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Twitter, Facebook used by China against HK

This article is more than 12 months old

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter and Facebook said on Monday they had uncovered a campaign by China to use the social media platforms against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

"We are disclosing a significant state-backed information operation focused on the situation in Hong Kong, specifically the protest movement and its calls for political change," Twitter said in an online post.

Facebook said a tip from Twitter led to the removal of pages, groups and accounts originating in China and involved in "coordinated inauthentic behaviour" focusing on Hong Kong.


Twitter said it suspended 936 accounts that originated in China. The California-based micro-messaging service is blocked in China, so many of the accounts accessed it using "virtual private networks" that give a deceptive picture of the user's location, Twitter added.

"Based on our intensive investigation, we have reliable evidence to support that this is a coordinated state-backed operation," it said.

"We identified large clusters of accounts behaving in a coordinated manner to amplify messages related to the Hong Kong protests."

Facebook removed seven pages, three groups and five accounts originating in China deemed to be part of an influence campaign focused on Hong Kong, according to cybersecurity policy head Nathaniel Gleicher.

People running the campaign used "deceptive tactics" including fake accounts to pose as news organisations, spread content and steer people to news sites, Mr Gleicher said.

"They frequently posted about local political news and issues including topics like the ongoing protests in Hong Kong," he added.

"Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their identities, our investigation found links to individuals associated with the Chinese government." - AFP