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US man allegedly beheads dad

A man suspected of murdering his father has been arrested in Pennsylvania state, hours after he made a political rant against the US authorities in a shocking video where he appears alongside a severed head he claims is his father’s.

The man was detained on Jan 30 in Fort Indiantown Gap in central Pennsylvania, approximately two hours away from his home in Levittown where the police found a body with a missing head in his bathroom.

Fort Indiantown Gap is a training facility for Pennsylvania National Guard and the suspect is not part of the guard.

The police said they received a call at around 7pm on Jan 30 to investigate a death. The body belonged to a man in his 60s, the police said.

A 33-year-old man was arrested just after 9pm, Middletown Township Police Chief Joseph Bartorilla confirmed. Officers had arrived at the Levittown home and found his father dead, he added.

Pennsylvania authorities told local media a man identified as Justin Mohn was connected to the death. The YouTube video in which a man holds up a decapitated head was uploaded by a man with the same name.

The video has been taken down for violating the site’s policy on violent and graphic content.

At the start of the video titled Call To Arms For American Patriots, Mohn picks up what appears to be a human head and said: “This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country.”

Justin Mohn went on to direct the brunt of his tirade at US federal authorities and called for violence against federal officials.

Apart from declaring himself as the “commander of America’s national network of militia”, Mohn also called for the arrest of US President Joe Biden and “issued bounties” for public officers including Federal Bureau of Investigation chief Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Middletown Township Police said authorities are investigating what they refer to as a “suspicious death”.