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Woman finds hidden camera in Penang bathroom

TokTok user aien (i.njw) shared on Feb 8 how she was traumatised after discovering a hidden camera in the bathroom of a holiday rental unit in Penang.

According to the police report she made on Feb 7, she was taking a shower at Straits Garden Suites when she noticed a small hole in a box of dehumidifier sitting among the toiletries on the shower caddy.

To her horror, she found a "4K ultra-HD" Eken camera in the box. It was switched on and still running when she removed it from the box.

She removed the batteries in the camera to ensure it was switched off.

The 23-year-old student contacted the management and a man collected the camera. 

When she filed the report at the police station, the same man turned up when contacted by the police. He had the camera and handed it over to the complainant for her to check the camera's memory.

Although satisfied there were no photos or video recordings of herself, she was still worried that the camera was feeding live recording to a remote screen.