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Woman weds man whose wedding she attended when she was 9

Love works in mysterious ways.

Indonesian woman Renata Fadhea can attest to that – to her amusement and the bewilderment of many others.

On Jan 12, Ms Renata uploaded a then-and-now video on TikTok, showing a current photo of herself with her husband and their son, as well as another photo in which she is a young guest as her husband's wedding.

The post went viral, attracting almost 7 million views. Netizens expressed their disbelief and many speculated about Ms Renata's marriage.

To put an end to the wild speculations, Ms Renata followed up with an explanation.

In her TikTok upload on Jan 15, she wrote that in 2009, she attended the wedding of her uncle's nephew. Ms Renata was only nine years old then and the groom was 38 years her senior.

She had no contact with the groom as he was a distant relative many years older than her.

The man divorced his second wife in 2011. They did not have any children together.

"They divorced way before we met," explained Ms Renata.

She met the divorcé in 2019 at a gathering where they both invited to. They got married the following year and had a son in 2021.

The couple were unaware that they were related and had crossed paths years ago. It was only when they were flipping through his photo albums that they saw the 2009 wedding photo.