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Young Brazilian influencer’s body found buried in neighbours’ backyard

A Brazilian digital influencer’s recent death has taken a twist after a couple, in whose backyard his body was found, claimed he died during a drug-fuelled sexual encounter.

Mr Carlos Henrique Medeiros, a 26-year-old influencer with a significant online following, was found buried in the backyard of a residence in Itapecerica da Serra, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, according to a Jan 2 report by CNN Brazil.

The police, led by chief delegate Luis Roberto Faria Hellmeisterf, have detained a couple in connection with Mr Medeiros’ death. They have been identified as Mr Renan José, 28, and Ms Caroline Mello, who is 24 and pregnant.

The couple, who are neighbours with Mr Medeiros, alleged that he had consumed a significant amount of cocaine from Dec 24 to 25 and then engaged in sexual activity with a 17-year-old girl in the bathroom of their home.

During the act, they claimed he suddenly fell ill and died.

Mr Hellmeisterf said the interaction between Mr Medeiros and the young woman appeared to be consensual and not an assault.

“Everything indicates that it was a consensual relationship. It wasn’t abuse. I have to actually know what happened there. Today it is difficult to listen to minors. Despite this, I will listen to her because she was the last person who had contact with the victim,” said the delegate, who added that she will be summoned to provide her statement to the authorities shortly.

As she is underaged, she will be required to have a parent present during her testimony.

Mr Medeiros, known for lifestyle content on social media platforms, had over 85,000 followers on Instagram and 1.77 million subscribers on YouTube. He was reported missing on Dec 25, 2023, after he did not return from a friend’s house.

The investigation revealed that he had intended to join his sister, Ms Catia Medeiros, for Christmas supper but chose instead to spend the evening with friends. When he did not return, his sister and a childhood friend of his began a search that led to the grim discovery of his body after noticing disturbed soil in the backyard of the couple’s house.

The couple claimed that they decided to bury Mr Medeiros in a panic after discovering his body. The police are awaiting the results of a toxicological report, expected in two weeks, to confirm if cocaine was indeed involved, as well as a necroscopic report due this week to determine the exact cause of death.

The couple have been in custody at the Itapecerica da Serra police station since Dec 31, facing potential charges for homicide and concealment of a corpse, depending on the findings of the ongoing investigation.

The community’s reaction to Medeiros’ death has been one of shock and anger. The New York Post reported that the couple’s house was set ablaze by the outraged community on Dec 26.