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Young woman killed in Thailand, allegedly by would-be rapist whose wife had just given birth

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A young woman was stabbed to death in a condo near Bangkok, and Thai police say they have arrested a fellow resident who wanted to rape her because he was unable to have sex with his wife.

The woman, identified as Inthu-on Korharn, 23, was found dead on the seventh floor of the building around 11pm on Saturday (Dec 25), the Bangkok Post reported.

She was found near a lift, and had shouted for help before bleeding to death from a stab wound on her thigh.

Another resident on that floor had called the police, Coconuts  Bangkok reported. He had told the police that he was at home on Saturday night when he heard a commotion, opened the door and saw the young woman covered in blood. According to the website, he had heard her cry out: “Help! He broke into my room and stabbed me.”

The suspect was also seen rushing down the fire escape stairs.

Police then locked down the 10-storey building. They found a blue blood stained T-shirt in a toilet on the fifth storey. The floor was wet and police believe the suspect had taken off the T-shirt and cleaned up there.

It seems he changed into a yellow T-shirt he had taken from a rack on the third floor. Police also found a knife sheath in the toilet, the Bangkok Post report said.

They soon arrested the 31-year-old suspect, who lived on the third floor of the building. There were traces of the victim’s blood in his bathroom, a washbasin and on a water container, the police were quoted as saying.

According to them, the sexually frustrated suspect had spotted the woman on the ground floor. He later broke into her room and hid in a cupboard with the intention of raping her.

They said the woman fought back when attacked and was stabbed once, the knife cutting an artery.

The suspect then fled barefoot from her room, leaving footprints in blood which led to the fifth storey, where the blue T-shirt was found.


Police said the suspect had confessed to the crime, saying he was drunk and wanted sex. His wife had given birth just over two weeks ago, and he could not sleep with her.

The incident happened in the region of Suvarnabhumi airport, outside Bangkok.

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