EPL CEO Richard Masters wants trophy presentation ceremony

Should the English Premier League season restart as planned next month, it hopes to have Liverpool receive the trophy in a ceremony, if as expected Juergen Klopp's Liverpool, who are 25 points clear, capture their first league title in 30 years.

That is the view of EPL chief executive Richard Masters.

The league began phase one of "Project Restart" yesterday with clubs returning to training.

The training sessions must be limited to 75 minutes and players can only work in groups of five at the most, with no contact permitted.

Said Masters: "If at all possible, yes. We would like to have a trophy presentation to give the players and staff the moment they have worked so hard for.

"We would try and do it, unless it wasn't possible because of safety concerns."

With leagues in several European countries, like France, Holland and Belgium, as well as the fourth tier of English football, opting not to complete their seasons, Klopp said he was against the EPL declaring the 2019/20 campaign null and void.

He said at a talk at the DFB Academy: "There was talk that people wanted to declare the season null and void.

"So you thought: 'Huh? We have played 76 per cent of the season and you just want to delete the thing?'

"That would have been something that I personally would find unfair, to just say that it didn't happen.

"We are first in the home table, we are first in the away table. It is a season in which we should become champions.

"Dealing with the crisis is the most important thing.

"But that doesn't mean that certain things are of no importance at all, just because they are less important."