Lewis Hamilton has self-doubts during coronavirus lockdown

Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton admitted that he questioned his future in Formula One during the Covid-19 lockdown, which left him struggling for motivation.

"I have days when I wake up and feel groggy, I don't feel motivated to work out. I feel, 'Jeez, where are we going? What's next? Should I continue racing?'," the 35-year-old said last Sunday in a video released by his Mercedes team.

"I think all these different things, and then I'm like 'Damn it!', and the next hour, or whatever, it passes, and I'm like 'Damn! I love what I do! Why would I ever consider not continuing?'"

Hamilton is hoping to equal Michael Schumacher's record of seven world titles.

However, he has been left kicking his heels as the spread of the coronavirus has seen 10 races either cancelled or postponed.

The season won't start until July 5 in Austria at the earliest.

"Mentally, it's really about ultimately feeling good about yourself. It's about finding a way to make sure you love yourself," added the Briton, speaking ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week.

"If we are not improving and growing during these days then what are we doing?

"You're obviously just wasting your time sitting on your backside." - AFP