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Beng's Brazil friends speak out about Brazil's 1-7 loss to Germany

How can the footballing gods be so cruel? My Brazilian friends, those who could still talk, are all in shock. Can you feel their hurt through their heartfelt words? =(

Sergio Chavez, 38, lawyer:

It feels like a part of me died, like someone in the family died. I hope when I wake up this will just be a nightmare, but I know this is reality. I don't want to accept this, but I have no choice. It has already happened. 

We will mourn, but I don't know how 200 million upset Brazilians will react, or how soon we will pick ourselves up. 

The third/fourth playoff is such a meaningless match now, but if we lose it, the despondence could get worse.  Who wants to be a Brazilian player now?

But at least they can go and hide in their beautiful European houses after the tournament while millions of average Brazilians, who were clinging to this hope, go back to their miserable lives.

Goustavo Gouveia, businessman, 27:

I'm speechless. I have no words to describe this. I can't handle this. How could this happen? Maybe the players don't have the emotional control for this big game and they lost concentration.

A Brazil fan reacts to the team's 1-7 loss to Germany at the World Cup semi-finals.

Rafik Sousa, 26, hotel receptionist:

I saw  a lot of kids on the streets wanting to see Brazil score and win. And after what happened, it was humbling, this isn't Brazilian football. The World Cup was beautiful, the semi-final was shameful.

Today, there was no hymn in the chapel. With the stubborness of Scolari, we wouldn't go anywhere. This was Scolari at the peak of his stubborness - letting the statue of Fred on to the field, not using Hernanes, conceding the midfield etc..  There's pain and tears. But it is wise to hold our heads high and move on.

Tomorrow I work. And life goes on, with moments of suffering and beauty, as always. This is how it is for Brazil, nothing is easy for us. 

Rafaela Mayoral, 16, student:

We deserved it. We were too naive. We think just because we are Brazilians and we have a proud home record, we deserve to win every game and the record will go on. 

Antoinette Ruiz, 24, journalist:

I am so, so, sad. We cry along with players like David Luiz and Oscar. It feels like all hope is lost. In the near future, we won't be hosting a World Cup and it feels like we may never win it on our home ground.

This will forever be a black mark in our proud football history.

Mariana Marchi, 20, bartender:

We are devastated. The only consolation is we didn't lose the semi-final to Argentina. Please don't let them win it. We would be happier if Argentina lost the final than Brazil winning third place.

Geison Moura, 27, Hougang United footballer:

We will survive!

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