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Actor Mark Hamill has a Star Wars ‘family reunion’ at Golden Globes

Mark Hamill can check off “Skywalker family reunion” after the 81st Golden Globe Awards held in Los Angeles on Jan 7.

The 72-year-old American actor, best known for playing Jedi Master Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise (1977 to 2019), finally met his Star Wars “mother”, American actress Natalie Portman, at the ceremony.

The actors have never crossed paths before, and Hamill jumped at the chance to take a photo with Portman.

“Now, I have finally met my ‘mother’, thanks to the @goldenglobes,” Hamill shared on Instagram and X on Jan 9.

Portman, 42, played Padme Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy Episodes I to III (1999 to 2005) and was later revealed to be the mother of twins Luke and Leia. Luke never met his mother, as she died giving birth to them.


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Hamill reprised his Skywalker role in the Star Wars sequels Episodes VII to IX (2015 to 2019).

In June 2018, when Star Wars fans celebrated Portman’s birthday on June 9, Hamill shared a photo of Portman as Padme on X with the caption: “Fun fact: I’ve never met this woman.”

The Oscar-winning actress later responded to his tweet on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“I would love to meet him. Mark, I would love to meet you. Where are you? Come over,” said Portman.

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