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Chen Xi announces engagement, says it's 'a wonderful fate'

Chen Xi, son of actors Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen, on May 5 announced on Instagram his engagement to his Japanese girlfriend.

The 32-year-old actor told Lianhe Zaobao that he and his fiancee Mimi were fated to be together.

The couple met four years ago through an online Chinese exchange course and started writing to each other. Mimi was working in Vietnam at the time.

The woman from Kyushu, Japan, is about the same age as Chen Xi.

Although Mimi is not active on social media, both she and Chen Xi share a love for drawing, comics, gaming and reading. They are so alike that it was only natural that they became soulmates.

"She didn't know that I was an artist at the time. I told her that I was a painter," Chen Xi told the Chinese daily.

"She came to Singapore to work after the pandemic and was renting a place just three streets away from my house. When she saw Wonder Boy, she asked me if that was me in the movie. It was such a wonderful fate.”

Chen Xi, who is studying in London, were on a double-date with his cousin in Chesire and decided to pop the question when the four of them visited a 16th-century church.

"I have had the ring for a long time but never found the right occasion. It felt right in that church... I proposed to her in Japanese," he said.

In his announcement on Instagram, Chen Xi wrote: "From the Land of The Rising Sun, across the seas, and all the way to England, thank you for being my anchor, my compass, and my home from home. I know it wasn’t easy making the decision to follow me, and indeed, we’ve faced tumultuous times with constantly changing contexts. Despite the variations and shifting environments, having you by my side has been the constant."