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Chow Yun Fat, 68, finishes his first half-marathon in less than 2½ hours

HONG KONG – Movie superstar Chow Yun Fat proves that age is no obstacle in conquering marathons.

The avid runner took part in the inaugural Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HK Section) Half Marathon on Nov 19 morning.

It was the first half-marathon for the 68-year-old, who completed the 21km race in 2hr 27min 56sec. In February, he ran in the 10km race at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and completed it in 1hr 3min 58sec.

Speaking to the Hong Kong media after the Nov 19 event, Chow said it was not difficult running the half-marathon as he had paced himself, mindful of his physical strength.

“I didn’t feel tired while running,” he said, joking that it was more tiring thanking the other runners who greeted him and cheered him on.

He dared not drink water while running, he disclosed, fearing that he would have to queue for the toilet in the middle of the race.

He also revealed that he would take on the half-marathon again at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in January 2024, but had never thought about running the full marathon.

“My physical strength can’t handle four to five hours of exercise,” he said. “Two and a half hours is already my limit. I jog every day now to prepare for the race.”

Chow, affectionately known as Fat Gor (Cantonese for Big Brother Fat), said he did not ask fellow celebrities to join him in the half-marathon as many of them still have to work, sometimes filming late into the night, and may not be in the right physical state to race.

He joked that he seemed to be no longer an actor but an athlete, noting that his last filming stint was in 2019, for his latest movie One More Chance (2023).

He also congratulated fellow superstars Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who have been receiving awards at film festivals.

He would not rule out returning to acting with them, but said he would focus on jogging for now as he does not have any movie commitments.

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