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Christopher Lee reveals Fann Wong initially didn't want to marry him

They may play husband and wife in a movie, but it seems Christopher Lee and Peggy Tseng have very different outlooks on marriage. 

The two leading stars of Workers revealed as much during a promotional interview for the movie in Taiwan, when Tseng, who is famously single at 44, was asked about getting hitched.  

Specifically, the Taiwanese actress was asked if she would change her mind on marriage if she met someone like the Singapore-based Lee.

Tseng remained stoic, however, and replied: “I know I'm not suitable for marriage. It's not that I'm rejecting it. I just feel I don't suit such a life.”

Lee, 51, then interjected: “So you're saying that companionship is fine, as long as it's not marriage? But let me tell you, you shouldn't speak too hastily. My wife had to be convinced by me [to get married].”

Christopher Lee and Taiwanese actress Peggy Tsang, who play husband and wife in the movie Workers. PHOTO: STAR.ETTODAY.NET

Lee, of course, is married to local actress Fann Wong, who according to her husband, wasn’t too hot about marriage either – even after dating for eight years. The couple eventually tied the knot in 2009. 

“She used to be very afraid of marriage and was lacking confidence in it, but she eventually decided to marry me.”

The movie Workers is based on the 2021 HBO drama of the same name, with Lee reprising his Golden Bell award-winning role as Ah Qie, and Tseng playing his wife Mei-fung.

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