Jamie Lee Curtis channels mum’s Psycho character

LOS ANGELES – Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis channelled her mother Janet Leigh’s iconic character in Psycho at the costume party premiere of the film in Hollywood this week.

Wearing the same buttoned and belted light blue dress and a blonde wig, the US actress completed the look with a bloodied shower curtain over one arm.

The 62-year-old is no stranger to fancy dress, having turned up as an orc to the Warcraft premiere in 2016.

Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in the latest edition of the horror series, which opens in cinemas here on Oct 28, to once again face off against her brutal knife-wielding nemesis Michael Myers.

“It’s an allegory for a lot of things,” she said, when asked to describe the latest Halloween sequel.

“It’s very much a story of our times. It’s about people not listening, it’s a little bit about misinformation, it’s a lot about rage and trauma colliding.” 

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Kills.UIP

Curtis broke into Hollywood with her role of Strode in the 1978 original version of Halloween, and has since returned in one form or another for five more Halloween movies.

“I don’t understand why people love escapist scares and yet it’s given me my entire creative life,” she said.

“I don’t try to psychoanalyse what that means. I just know that people like it and we like to deliver it and it’s sort of been the great privilege of my many, many years in show-off business.” - REUTERS