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Lee Sun-kyun wrote in suicide note: 'There is no other way.'

South Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun of the Oscar-winning film Parasite (2019) was found dead on Dec 27 by the authorities following up on a report that he had gone missing.

The 48-year-old, who was facing accusations of illegal drug use, had said he was tricked into taking drugs by a bar hostess trying to blackmail him.

Lee was found unconscious in a car in northern Seoul, with combustible material next to him. He was not responsive to the first responders' efforts to resuscitate him, according to Seoul’s Seongbuk police station.

The actor had been reported missing by his wife, actress Jeon Hye-jin, who also found what looked like a suicide note, Yonhap news agency reported earlier.

The content of the note had a tone of helplessness, reported Dimsun Daily. There was also a message directed to Jeon: “There is no other way.”

Lee included in the note an apology to his management agency and mentioned the penalties that would be incurred by the cancellation of his advertisement and film contracts. The penalties can amount to the tune of $10 million.

According to the police, the alleged case of illegal drug use against Lee was first made public on Oct 19 through a report by the local media. It was when the case was still in the confidential initial stage of investigation.

The leakage of information on the investigation caused irreversible damage to the world-renowned actor’s reputation.

Lee’s attorney had said earlier that any further questioning should be conducted privately, as the actor felt “pressured” by having to show up in front of cameras for police summons.

Summons of celebrities based solely on the statement of one individual also came under fire.

Investigations into Lee was triggered by the statement of a host working at a high-end bar in Seoul. She has a record of six convictions, including illegal drug use.

Incheon Metropolitan Police chief Kim Hui-jung defended the investigations, saying the entire process was justified and done with Lee's consent, Reuters reported.

"The investigation of the deceased was conducted based on specific reports, testimony and evidence and under legally prescribed procedures," he said.