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Hanteo Music Awards mosh pit turns into cess pit

The two-day Hanteo Music Awards over Feb 17-18 in Seoul, South Korea, was a mess.

Not only was there shoving and shouting, there were also protest, pee and poop at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which was jam-packed with K-pop fans.

The fans were trying to get as close as possible to their idols on stage, causing a commotion as they tried to push forward.

Even the stars were concerned looking at the situation. They asked the fans to move back and make space for one another and roped in the security officers to help manage the crowd.

A fan who was at the event shared on X that there was a one-man protest against Zerobaseone's Kim Ji-woong. The solo protester was calling for the boyband member to leave the group.

With the mad crowd refusing to budge, it is perhaps not surprising that someone allegedly urinated on the floor and from the stink of it, someone in the mosh pit soiled his or her trousers.

The stench was so bad that even the stars on stage gagged.

At about 8pm on Feb 18, netizen Sunyeo511698Vip wrote on X: “Hello, I’m the person who defecated at Hanteo Music Awards. I realise many people felt uncomfortable because of me.

"I’m so sorry for causing the inconvenience and I will reflect on my mistake. I’m sorry, and have a good day.

“People whose clothes and belongings were tainted by my faeces, please drop me a message. I’ll pay for the laundry fees”.