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Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu reveals she had two miscarriages

TAIPEI – Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu had two miscarriages, in 2011 and 2018.

Following a report in Taiwan’s Mirror Media on Wednesday, the 46-year-old confirmed the news in a statement issued through her lawyer Lai Fangyu.

Hsu was married to Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei from 2010 to 2021, and they held a lavish wedding in the Chinese coastal city of Sanya on March 22, 2011. They have two children together: a daughter, nine, and a son who turns seven on Sunday.

After their divorce in November 2021, Hsu married South Korean musician DJ Koo in last March.

The statement confirmed that Hsu underwent surgery to terminate a pregnancy on March 18, 2011, as a fetus she was carrying had died.

She was unable to accept media interviews at the Sanya wedding for this reason. Ms Lai said the pain of losing a child had caused Hsu “severe physical and mental suffering” and she did not feel up to the task.

The statement added that Hsu had a second miscarriage in 2018. That year, during an April 2 follow-up with an obstetrician-gynaecologist, it was discovered that the embryo she was carrying had shrunk. Eighteen days later, she had an abortion.

Her poor physical and mental condition could be seen during the broadcast of Chinese reality show Xing Fu San Chong Zou (Happiness Trio). The statement said Hsu tried her best to co-operate with the programme’s filming on April 27, but the pain in her heart was “hard to describe”.

Ms Lai added that Hsu was saddened by the report of her past miscarriages, published just before Mother’s Day on Sunday. The lawyer said: “I believe female friends who have similarly experienced the trauma of miscarriages would inevitably feel the pain, together with feelings of remorse and loss, again on Mother’s Day.

“I fear the report will trigger traumatic reactions among such friends, so I am trying to encourage and support one another through words.”

The statement added that Hsu had not touched on the subject previously, despite being cyber-bullied.

Ms Lai said: “I thought the legal termination of the marriage between the two parties would put an end to the matter, but I did not expect that until today, the news is still causing a disturbance, which is not what Ms Hsu wants.”

Hsu, best known for the hit Taiwanese series Meteor Garden (2001), currently leads a simple, calm and happy life, and all legal matters are handled by her law firms, the statement said. It also clarified that Hsu’s team was not the source for Mirror Media’s report.

“This statement is to set the record straight, and in the hope that people will not spread rumours.” In addition, it wished all mothers, especially those who have experienced the pain of bereavement, a happy Mother’s Day.

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