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Aaron Kwok ‘like a toy running out of battery’ at China concert

Is the man dubbed the “God of Dance” past his prime? That’s what netizens were left wondering after watching Aaron Kwok’s recent stage performance in Jiangsu, China.

Kwok performed multiple hit songs, such as Para Para Sakura, I Love You Forever and Should I Walk Away Quietly, in the concert that also featured other stars.

In videos that went viral on Weibo and Douyin, he looked exhausted and moved stiffly when singing and dancing to his song I Love You Forever. 

At the end of the performance, Kwok did a flip on a dancer’s back. But he looked like he was about to fall off.

Netizens both blasted and praised him, with some commenting that he looks tired, while others said he was professional and did well for his age.

On Douyin, a netizen posted: “He looks like a toy running out of battery.

It can be seen that he cant love anymore,” another wrote, punning on the songs name.

Someone else said: “I can thoroughly see the stiff characteristics that a 60-year-old would experience.

Others were more sympathetic: “He is already old, dont make it difficult for him.

He still sang live despite looking so tired,” read another comment.

Time is not forgiving to anyone, yet another said.

On Weibo, someone wrote that Kwok had performed for two hours prior to his performance.

Over two hours, cant dance, you are not at the concert and you dont know how awesome he was, the comment read.

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