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Chinese tourists flock to Aaron Kwok’s ‘dilapidated’ apartment building

Netizens feel it’s not an apartment building fit for a king – a Heavenly King at that.

It looks dilapidated on the outside, so who would have thought Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok lived on the top floor, they say.

One netizen went as far as to question why “a rich man would live like this” while another urged the singer to “renovate and maintain the facade”.

That’s not stopping tourists from China from making trips to Carrie Garden, which is in Hong Kong’s upmarket Happy Valley, all for a photo or two to post on their social media accounts.

Some even share details on how to get there and report on who they saw entering and leaving the building.

Although this may not sit well with the famously private Kwok, he probably could not care less about netizens’ rude comments about his apartment building.

After all, he lives in a 3,000 sq ft apartment on the top floor, and there’s a rooftop terrace which offers views of the cityscape and nearby mountains.

The interior’s not at all shabby either. Kwok’s wife, Moka Fang, has offered peeks into the apartment via her home videos, and what these show is a luxurious space with a grey sofa and Hermes pillows.

It’s also not easy for would-be buyers to view the apartments in the building, as there are only 16 units, and none have been put up for sale in years. 

Said one netizen, who was weighing in on the comments about the building’s less-than-stellar exterior: “Even if you can afford it, you won’t be able to buy it… So why the negativity?”


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