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Chinese singer Jin Sha, 42, dating actor half her age

He is 19 years younger than her, but that doesn’t faze them.

In fact, Chinese singer Jin Sha, 42, and her boyfriend, 23-year-old actor Sun Cheng Xiao, are already considering marriage after dating for 1½ years.

Jin Sha, also known as Kym, revealed their relationship on Weibo last week. She also shared that they are taking part in the latest season of popular reality series Viva La Romance, where they join four other couples on a trip with the aim of strengthening their respective relationships.

Cheng Xiao, who had just graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, quipped in the show: “The year she became famous was the year I was born.”

Jin Sha’s response: “Not yet, but close enough.”

The singer made her showbiz debut at 22 in the 2003 drama Sky.

They are not bothered by what other people thought about their relationship, the couple said.

“Half of my friends are very envious that I have such a handsome ‘younger brother’ who is very gentle and considerate, while the other half feel that I’m quite idealistic and wonder if I should be more level-headed,” said Jin Sha.

Cheng Xiao added: “I’ve been independent since I was 18. To me this is right. I want to prove that I love her, and that her choice is right.”

The couple are serious about each other. In fact, Jin Sha called Cheng Xiao “husband material”.

She said: “It’s just that he’s a bit young to be getting married so early. But no choice, good men aren’t readily available on the market. They’ll be snatched up early.” 

She added that being on the series together will not only bring them a step closer to marriage, but allow her to show everyone how good her boyfriend is.

“My relationship with my 'younger brother’ is going very smoothly. I want everyone to see that my boyfriend is pretty good,” she said.

The couple is said to have met on the set of 2021 Douyin drama 爱的鉴定师 Ai De Jian Ding Shi, loosely translated as Appraiser Of Love, in which they play a couple.

Other than Cheng Xiao, Jin Sha has been romantically linked to a variety of eligible bachelors, including local singer JJ Lin.

They were rumoured to be dating after he got down on one knee to “propose” to her on stage at his concert in 2010. He later clarified that it was just a joke.