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Controversial Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung to go for vasectomy after birth of fourth son

HONG KONG – Controversial Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung will undergo a vasectomy now that he is a father of four, he announced on social media on Wednesday.

The member of Cantopop duo Boyz posted a photo of his family on Instagram and wrote in Chinese: “I am honoured to be the father of four children. For the livelihood of my family of six in the future and after careful consideration, I have decided to get a vasectomy to take the greatest responsibility as head of the family.”

The 38-year-old said he has contacted a day surgery centre to arrange for the birth control procedure and will share details after its completion.

Cheung – who has been married to Ms Au Yin Man, 32, for four years – announced on Instagram on Sept 7 that his fourth son was born and back home from the hospital. The couple have three other sons aged one, three and four. 

According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao Daily News, Cheung is reportedly in debt and having trouble making ends meet.

Ms Au also owns three dogs, and the Hong Kong media estimated that his monthly expenses are likely to be more than the HK$30,000 (S$5,200) he told Hong Kong media outlet HK01 in July.

He said then that he had a stable job running a small eatery (which he has since left), and had also taken on other work like dishwashing in the last five years, slogging away for as long as 12 hours a day.

He added he would do anything to earn money as long as it was not illegal. He disclosed on Instagram in late August that he was distributing condoms and fliers, with the promotion said to be paid for by a local hotel booking app.

Cheung and Ms Au’s marriage had previously been in the spotlight for their bickering and her threats of divorce. She also accused Cheung in January of not doing his part as a father and helping to take care of the children.

He whipped up controversy in 2019 when he announced that he was marrying Ms Au, a long-time fan of his, while still in a relationship with Hong Kong model-actress April Leung.

He shocked both his fans and Leung then when he also posted a picture of himself and Ms Au at their first son’s 100-days celebration. The baby was born before they officially wed.

The cheating scandal got even messier when at least two additional women came forward to the Hong Kong media and claimed Cheung was dating all of them at the same time, leading to the cancellation of Boyz’s concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Cheung’s entertainment career has been in limbo ever since, although he told HK01 that he would not give up on singing and has received job offers arranged by an agency in China.

He added that he has not been in contact with Boyz’s other member Kenny Kwan, and regretted leaving the 42-year-old Hong Kong singer-actor in the lurch.

Cheung explained that the duo were filming a music video in Thailand when the scandal broke. Cheung and his assistant then left the country in the middle of the night to fly back to Hong Kong, leaving Kwan and the crew behind.

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