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Former DJ Dongfang Billy reveals he weighed 126kg in June, working to regain his trim physique

BEIJING – Former radio deejay Dongfang Billy is working hard to regain his trim physique after struggling with health problems in recent years, he reveals in a Facebook post on Monday.

The one-time callisthenics coach popular among aunties for his health talks, underwent three operations in three years and subsequently put on weight until he hit an all-time high of 126kg in June.

This was in sharp contrast to his usual weight in the past, which hovered around 80kg.

The 60-year-old Singaporean, whose real name is Wang Zhong Cheng, underwent operations to fix the meniscus in his left leg, a retinal detachment in his right eye and a herniated disc.

Wang, who now resides in China, has kept a low profile on social media in recent years and did not post photos of his weight gain until now.

Battling various health problems caused his weight to soar, he wrote, as he introduced a series of videos titled 60-Day Rehabilitation Practice Plan. The vlogs, which are posted on his Facebook daily, document his exercise regimen and health struggles, as well as offer insights into his mental well-being.

Wang revealed his weight gain was a result of not being able to exercise after the operations. Also, side effects from medication greatly affected his metabolism.

“I eat very little, but I am still fat,” he shared, adding that he could only do stretching and minimal cardio exercises.

He also said he tipped the scales at 126kg in June but has since lost 25kg. His goal is to build confidence, he said, and to slowly return to his weight before surgery.

He also joked in one of the videos that he empathised with pregnant women who had to carry extra weight. “So this is how it feels to have a 20kg tummy,” he said as he performed leg raises in a gym.

Wang, a leukaemia survivor, hopes the videos will encourage his followers to “face life’s challenges head-on”.

He said: “My dream is to go back to who I was 10 to 20 years ago. I had doubts before, but I now believe I can do it.”



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