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Itzy to hold concert in S'pore on April 6

Itzy are returning to Singapore a year after they brought their first world tour to the country in January 2023 with a sold-out show at The Star Theatre.

This time, the K-pop girl group are back at a bigger venue.

They will perform at Singapore Indoor Stadium on April 6 as part of their second world tour, named Born To Be after their latest album. Ticketing details have yet to be announced.

The tour will kick off in February with a two-night show in Seoul and will travel around the world, covering countries such as Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Chile, as well as cities in Europe and North America such as Paris, Berlin and Los Angeles.

The tour will wrap up in August with a final performance in Hong Kong.

While Itzy are a quintet with members Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna, Lia is on hiatus due to anxiety issues and will not be part of all scheduled activities.

Itzy debuted under K-pop agency JYP Entertainment in 2019 with the hit song Dalla Dalla. Its music video has more than 322 million views on YouTube and the track was certified platinum by the Korea Music Content Association for achieving over 100 million streams.

The group are also known for earworms such as Wannabe (2020), which has more than 534 million views on YouTube, and Loco (2021), which has over 246 million views on the same platform.