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Joss Stone plays unofficial gig in North Korea

British singer-songwriter Joss Stone performed an informal gig in the capital of North Korea as part of her ambitious project to perform in every country on earth.

Stone, who has performed in more than 175 countries since embarking on the Total World Tour five years ago, was pictured singing in a bar in Pyongyang in front of a small group of tourists and guides last Wednesday night.

The 31-year-old, who has recently sung in Syria, Pakistan and Iraq, announced the trip on Instagram last Tuesday before boarding a plane to the North.

Stone said she was practising a traditional Korean folk song Arirang - listed as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage in both the North and South - for her audience in Pyongyang.

The visit was arranged by Mr Simon Cockerell, who runs Koryo Tours, which specialises in trips to the isolated country. - AFP