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Kiss92 DJ Carol Smith has almost fully recovered from Bell’s palsy

Kiss92 DJ Carol Smith, who co-hosts the radio station’s The Morning Show on weekdays, says her recovery from Bell’s palsy is “at 90 per cent”. 

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the 47-year-old shared a photo of her with husband Euan MacInnes and wrote: “Feels so good to be smiling again.”

The radio presenter and event host thanked everyone who sent her get-well wishes, prayers and gifts after she revealed her condition in September. She was off the air in October, but has since rejoined her co-hosts Joshua Simon and Jill Lim on their show.

According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website, Bell’s palsy is an unexplained episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis which begins suddenly and worsens over 48 hours. Pain and discomfort usually occur on one side of the face or head, which in Smith’s case was the right side.

In a video on Sept 28, she said she could not move the right side of her face to smile and could not blink her right eye. She also could not taste and had difficulties eating and drinking.

She posted another video on Oct 12, saying she was down with Covid-19 in a double whammy, but the Bell’s palsy appeared to be improving.

In her latest post, she said her eye and mouth get “a bit weird” when she is tired or exerts herself, but she is “believing (in) full restoration”. She also specifically thanked her husband for his support, as well as her bosses and colleagues.

She wrote: “It was definitely the curve ball of 2022 and your kind gestures made all the difference. I’m so grateful to you for reaching out.”

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