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M’sian singer Gary Chaw sparks concerns about his marriage in social media posts

TAIPEI – All is not well between Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his Taiwanese wife Wu Shu-ling after 14 years of marriage – and it is unfolding very publicly and painfully on social media.

Chaw, who is based in Taiwan, disclosed to the Malaysian media in mid-October that he and Wu are in a cold war, as he admitted that he was unsure if he would spend the rest of his life with her.

The couple, both 43, have a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter.

Known as Cao Ge in the Mandopop world, he sparked further concern last week when he began posting without context on social media.

“I am in Taipei. What about her?” Chaw wrote in Chinese on Facebook last Wednesday.

“If I break down. Please forgive me. I can’t help myself,” he wrote in English early last Thursday. “And nobody is willing to help... Just me, myself and I. Obviously no love.”

He then posted a photo of himself with his dog on the same day, writing in Chinese: “Everything will be fine.”

Wu broke her silence on social media last Saturday, posting a photo of what is believed to be her silhouette.

“Just because I do not say anything does not mean I agree to this quietly,” the fashion blogger wrote in Chinese in a long post. “Can one choose to let go in a relationship? Can it solve the problems?”

Wu added that she spends a lot of time encouraging herself every day, and that she uses her work to overcome her fears.

“But I know I need to take good care of myself and make myself stronger, so that I can provide a stable environment for my children to grow up in,” she wrote.

Chaw shared a screenshot of his wife’s post a few hours later, writing: “I agree, but it has nothing to do with love.”

非常认同。 但跟爱没什么呢关系了…… 好像

Posted by 曹格 Gary Chaw on Saturday, October 29, 2022

He then wrote another post on Facebook early on Sunday: “Help, love. I love Shu-ling but she is hurt by the love. What should we do? Leave? Do I leave? Or she leaves? She can choose to leave, but I still love her very much.”

He wrote in a separate post a few minutes later that he remained sleepless, following up with yet another: “Giving up is the easiest.”

He then wrote in English on Instagram on the same day: “Abandoned. The hardest ones to live are the ones who needs (sic) love the most.”

He then posted a photo of him kissing his wife, writing: “I’m leaving not because I don’t love you. I leave because I love you too much.”

我走不是因为不爱你。 是因为我太爱你。

Posted by 曹格 Gary Chaw on Saturday, October 29, 2022
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