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Netizens demand K-pop star drop out of TV show

Netizens are demanding that K-pop star Choi Si Won drop out of his new TV show Revolutionary Love, following the death of a businesswoman who was attacked by his family's pet dog.

As of yesterday, the tvN drama's online viewer board has been bombarded with comments claiming that the actor and member of boy band Super Junior, who plays a lead role in the series, should take responsibility for the incident by quitting the show.

One netizen said "either drop Choi out of it, or stop filming the drama", while another said "it is insane of him to continue the drama amid the turmoil that involves a death".

On Saturday, it was reported that a 53-year-old businesswoman surnamed Kim, who runs upscale restaurant Hanilkwan, died of blood poisoning on Oct 6 after getting bitten by a French bulldog owned by the Choi family at an apartment in Seoul on Sept 30.

The dog was not on a leash.

Both Choi and his father apologised to the bereaved family, who are their neighbours, on social media on Saturday.

Although a family member of the deceased told media that they have forgiven the Choi family and do not plan to take any legal action, the public is still berating the Chois for not being cautious with their dog.

Revolutionary Love, which premiered earlier this month, marks Choi's first acting project after he was discharged from his military service in August.