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Singer Coco Lee shares video of her learning to walk again after surgery

HONG KONG – Hong Kong-American diva Coco Lee has to learn to walk again after undergoing major leg surgery.

The 48-year-old singer, who dropped her latest single Tragic on Feb 14, hinted in a social media post on Feb 23 that she was going for major surgery.

She said in the post that she went overboard during dance practice in October 2022, triggering an old leg injury.

She also disclosed that she was born with a defect in her left leg. An operation done when she was two years old was unsuccessful, causing her to rely on her right leg to support her body for most of her life.

The singer had pelvic and thigh surgery done at a hospital in Hong Kong. Her elder sister Nancy told Taiwanese media later that the operation lasted two hours.

On Wednesday, Lee disclosed her condition to her fans for the first time, posting on social media a video of her before and after the operation.

The singer wrote in both Chinese and English: “Successful surgery. Even though I’m in a lot of pain and I have to relearn how to walk again, I know I can do it. Yes, I can and I will. Thank you, everyone.”

In the video, she was seen walking slowly with a walker and a nurse by her side four days after surgery.

She then went home in a wheelchair and was seen wiping away tears after she saw the “welcome home” teddy bear prepared by her family.

The video also contained footage of her practising to walk with the aid of a Zimmer frame on days eight, nine and 10. The video ended on the 12th day, with Lee clenching her fist and declaring she is a female warrior.

Taiwanese media said Lee is likely to be taking a break in 2023 as her sister said she needs at least six months to recover from the operation.

手術順利完成,雖然很痛,要重新學走路,但是我可以的。 Yes I can and I will!💪🏼 謝謝大家❤️ Successful surgery. Even though I'm in a lot of pain and I...

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