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Throwing shade at us, Jay?: Singer asks KL fans for feedback mid-concert, Singapore fans raise a brow

Jay Chou fans in Singapore are wondering if the Taiwanese singer was having a dig at them during a concert in Kuala Lumpur recently. 

Some background: Chou’s Carnival World Tour arrived in Singapore in December, but the Dec 17-18 shows at the National Stadium left more than a few fans disappointed for a variety of reasons; most notably, the lacklustre sound system.

After the show, and in true Singapore-fashion, some fans flooded the singer’s Instagram with criticisms. 

Concert organisers G.H.Y Culture & Media even apologised later on for the shortfall in expectations.

During Chou’s concert at Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 15, the Mandopop star asked his fans how the concert acoustics were mid-performance.

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In Mandarin, Chou said he would read fans’ comments on his Instagram page in order to find out how they felt about the show.

“I’m a person with positive energy so if people leave negative comments, I won’t take it to heart,” he said.

He went on to say, though, that he does listen to constructive comments.

“Is there a problem with this venue’s sound system? Is my voice clear?” Chou then asked the crowd – to which the crowd responded with loud cheers.

“I’m singing so many more songs, isn’t it just for my friends in Malaysia?”, said the singer in reply.

Subtle shade

Some fans in Singapore think Chou’s comments in KL implied that his Singapore fans were not appreciative of his performance.

Some have even complained of being shortchanged, while drawing comparison between his Singapore and Malaysia shows. 

Instagram user @hp4yong took to Chou's official Instagram to gripe: “I only get to listen to two hours and 10 minutes of the concert (in Singapore) but if you attend the concert in Malaysia, you get to listen to three hours of performance. I am heartbroken.”

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