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Actors Lina Ng, Shaun Chen answer call to donate blood

Local actress Lina Ng has responded to an appeal to give blood by making her first blood donation in 24 years. 

The Singapore Red Cross and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said in a press statement on Jan 25 that Group O blood stocks have dipped and will last fewer than six days, below the minimum nine-day stockpile required to respond to emergencies.

The stocks are at critical levels due to high usage and lower-than-normal donor turnout since the beginning of 2024.

The two institutions urged all eligible, healthy individuals with blood groups O+ and O- who are aged between 16 and 60, and weigh at least 45kg, to donate blood over the two weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year holiday.

Ng, 49, disclosed on Instagram Stories on Jan 31 that she has done so.

“Blood bank running low on O+ blood,” she wrote, sharing a picture of her queue ticket at Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut. “Doing my little bit.”

The actress, who recently starred in the English-language thriller series Alienated (2023), then shared a photo of her in the process of donating blood. In the caption, she sent kudos to the staff, nurses and doctors.

“All done. The whole process was smooth & pleasant with minimum pain,” she wrote. “Glad to see that my blood flows well.”

She added: “My last donation was done in year 2000.”

Meanwhile, Malaysian actor Shaun Chen has also answered the call for blood donation. On Feb 1, he shared on social media photos of him donating blood at Bloodbank@HSA.

“Hello we need you here, please come and join me,” the 45-year-old wrote. 

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