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Actress Rui En tests positive for Covid-19, says she felt 'relief'

Actress Rui En said she tested positive for Covid-19 last week but that her symptoms "were incredibly mild".

In an Instagram post on Sunday (Feb 13) evening, she said she was "blessed that it's Omnicron and not Delta".

"(I had a) sore throat that went away after two days, cough, blocked and runny nose, some insomnia strangely and zero fever/bodyache. I've had much worse flu and I'll be able to leave the house soon," she wrote in her post, which was accompanied by undated photos of her posing on a yacht.

The 41-year-old actress, who told Lianhe Zaobao that she has taken the Covid-19 vaccine booster shot, said in her post that she found her experience to be anti-climactic after two years of the pandemic.

"All I could think was, 'oh, so this is it? Really?!'. I somehow felt more relief at finally getting it (because) I've always hated suspense ," she said.

She signed off her post on a positive note, advising her fans to "stay vigilant and socially responsible, but no need to let fear rule your life".

A number of Singapore artistes have tested positive for Covid-19 during the ongoing Omicron wave, with actors Mark Lee and Hayley Woo among those were infected just before the Chinese New Year break.

Singapore reported 9,420 new Covid-19 cases on Sunday.