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Crime series True Detective to return for fifth season

NEW YORK – American crime series True Detective (2014 to present) will return for a fifth season after the recently concluded edition, True Detective: Night Country – following two women officers in frigid Alaska – proved a hit with viewers, broadcaster HBO announced on Feb 22.

The series renewal comes despite an online spat with creator Nic Pizzolatto, who took to social media to snipe at his brainchild’s new incarnation, reposting criticisms of the fourth season’s finale which aired on Feb 18.

Remarking on Pizzolatto’s criticisms, Kali Reis, a co-star of the latest season, said “that’s a d*** shame” on X, formerly Twitter.

The fifth season will see director Issa Lopez return as showrunner, and she has also signed a contract with HBO and Warner Bros Discovery’s Max streaming platform to work on other “exclusive content”, the network said in a statement.

It did not confirm who will play the detective duo in the next go around.

The pairing has changed every season since the first breakout edition in 2014, when Matthew McConaughey was partnered with Woody Harrelson.

The latest season to air set Oscar winner Jodie Foster and Reis, an indigenous actress and pro-boxer, against an unforgiving Alaskan icescape.

True Detective: Night Country has been a ratings success, averaging 12.7 million viewers worldwide, the best result for the series since it began, according to HBO.

Foster told AFP that the fourth season was intended to mirror the first.

“The two boys were Louisiana – it’s hot, everyone’s sweating... It’s the intensity of this brutal light. And with us, it was just the opposite: two women, in the dark, in the cold, at the end of the world,” she said.

The drama unfolds as they probe the mysterious deaths of eight scientists working on an Arctic research station, while Reis’ character is haunted by the unsolved murder of an indigenous woman. – AFP