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Dr Rebecca Lim? It could have all turned out so differently for the local actress

Had it all gone to plan, Rebecca Lim would be dishing out medical certificates instead of receiving popularity awards.

The local actress recently revealed that she was set to study medicine when she was younger, but had to shelve that plan when her father became ill. 

Lim was a guest on Christopher Lee’s culinary talk show on Channel 8 – Dishing With Chris Lee –when she shared that nugget. 

During a discussion on how they got started in showbiz, Lim, 35, said she stepped into the entertainment industry following her Miss Universe Singapore stint. 

"You were Miss Photogenic, I remember," said Lee.

But things could have turned out very differently for the multi Star Awards-winning actress. 

"The original plan was for me to go to the UK to study medicine, but unfortunately at the time, my dad was not in good health,” Lim said.

“He told me, 'I don't think we have the money for you to study abroad for so many years, why don't you just study in Singapore?'"

Lim took her father’s advice and graduated with double degrees in accountancy and law at Singapore Management University.

When asked by Lee if she took up acting out of passion, she replied, "there was absolutely no interest".

"I just thought that by signing the part-time contract, I would be able to earn an income and support my studies with my salary," explained Lim, who joined Mediacorp full-time after graduating.

While the newly-engaged Lim did not share much about her fiance during the chat, she did reveal that the Covid-19 pandemic played an important role in how her personal life has panned out.

"Perhaps due to the pandemic, things slowed down and I finally had some 'me time' to think about what I want in life," shared Lim, who got engaged to 35-year-old Singaporean Matthew Webster in November 2021. 

"It made me realise that I do want to have a family of my own."

One married couple that she admires is none other than Lee and his actress wife Fann Wong.

"They are very, very sweet and you can really feel their love," she said.

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