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Fan dazzled by Kym Ng, who takes selfies with him despite being busy filming in Boon Keng

A fan was lucky enough to spot local celebrity Kym Ng not once but three times over the years.

The icing on the cake? She even took time to pose for photos with him in the latest encounter.

Stomper Henry shared how he came across the Singaporean actress-host at Upper Boon Keng Market & Food Centre on May 14, at 5.06pm.

Ng, 55, was filming an upcoming Mediacorp drama series titled Till the End.

Henry recounted: "This is the third time I have seen Kym Ng.

"The first time, I saw her and Quan Yi Fong filming in Chinatown but I didn't take any photos.

"The second time was quite some years ago when I saw her filming with Quan Yi Fong at a Lavender shophouse (pictured below)."

And it turns out third time is indeed the charm as Henry got to take photos with Ng.

Henry told Stomp: "After she stopped filming for awhile, I asked her for a wefie. She took my phone and took two pictures and went back to filming again.

"I didn't have time to interact more with her as she had to quickly return to filming, but she was friendly and had a mild temperament.

"I feel mystified as I have seen her and Quan Yi Fong three times each filming on the streets. The third time I saw Quan Yi Fong was in the Marina Bay area with the otters."

In photos that Henry shared with Stomp, Ng can be seen wearing a white collared shirt with long sleeves and a grey dress over it.

Ng had also posted what appears to be on-set photos of herself in the same outfit on her Instagram page earlier this month.

Till the End, a romantic comedy that revolves around the lives of undertakers, also stars Richie Koh, Romeo Tan, Boon Hui Lu, Bonnie Loo and Zhu Houren. It will air on Channel 8 in October 2023.