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HK actor Alex Fong reveals he is dating Korean cult victim Maple Yip

Hong Kong actor-singer Alex Fong has revealed he is dating a 29-year-old Korean who was a real-life victim of a cult group. 

At a recent public event, the 43-year-old star and former national swimmer said he is currently in a relationship with Maple Yip, who appeared in Netflix's In the Name of God: The Holy Betrayal, a true crime series on the Korean sect Jesus Morning Star.

This is the first time Fong has gone public about his girlfriend, after ending his decade-long relationship with Hong Kong singer Stephy Tang in 2016. 

Yip had confessed in the documentary that she was a member of the cult and was sexually assaulted by the cult’s 77-year-old leader, Jung Myung-Seok. 

Speaking about Yip's past, Fong said that she was open about it from the start.

He added: “I watched the [Netflix] interview. It was painful to watch, but I really admire her courage. I wondered why she was so naive and childish, and I felt heartache for her. But she also exemplified strength, and after seeing [what she went through] I want to cherish her even more.”

Although Yip had initiated a break-up after news of their relationship broke, he said that they decided to continue seeing each other. 

He also revealed that Yip would be going to Korea to testify against Myung-Seok in court, though he was not sure when that will be, adding that he “hopes to be by her side” during the process. 

Though they have only been in a relationship for a short span of time, Fong said Yip has already made an impression on his parents. 

“Sometimes when I go home, [my parents] will ask if she's joining us for dinner. If I say she isn't, they will say she can come over even if she's not eating.

"She not only clears the dishes after a meal, she will also helps wash them. There was once she didn't even eat with us, but still helped to do the dishes.”

The actor also said he liked Yip’s honesty, and how she “unreservedly shared her experiences and personality” on the first day they met. 

“I find this girl very special, and I want to know more about her. If people treat me well, I'll treat them better. And if you trust me, I'll definitely not let you down,” he added. 

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