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Hong Kong celebrities Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung welcome first baby

HONG KONG – Singer-actor Benjamin Yuen has confirmed what many fans suspected when he was absent for the TVB Anniversary Gala Show on Nov 19.

The 42-year-old disclosed on social media late on Nov 20 that his wife, host-actress Bowie Cheung, gave birth to their first child on Nov 17.

“From the moment the amniotic fluid broke, you started to learn to breathe and arrived in the world with loud cries in the whole operating theatre, accompanied by our tears of various emotions,” Yuen wrote of his son in Chinese. “In the future, we will be closer and get along with each other in a new way as your life journey begins officially.”

He shared several photos of their family of three, adding that his son weighed about 3kg.

Cheung, 32, shared similar photos on social media late on Nov 20.

“I have finally met my parents,” she wrote in Chinese from her son’s perspective.

“As soon as mum heard me crying after my arrival, she was so excited that tears kept flowing. Dad was with us the entire time and filmed the whole process with much joy. I can’t wait to open my eyes to look at him as soon as he cuts the umbilical cord.”

Yuen and Cheung, who tied the knot in November 2020, announced on June 1 on social media that they were expecting their first baby and shared a photo of an ultrasound scan.

Yuen, who is known for his roles in TVB dramas such as the Line Walker series (2014 to 2020), won the Mr Hong Kong title in 2007, which kick-started his acting and singing career, while Cheung was a Miss Hong Kong pageant contestant in 2016 before she became an actress.

It was reported in May that she will be in the Singapore movie King Of Hawkers, which also stars Hong Kong-based Singapore actor Hugo Ng, getai star Liu Lingling and actress Dawn Yeoh. The movie is scheduled to be released during the Chinese New Year period in 2024.

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