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Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan celebrate anniversary in Bali, where they once fell off a motorbike

Local actor couple Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan recently spent their sixth wedding anniversary in Bali, a place which holds many memories for them.

One of those memories include falling off a motorcycle, on their first trip there, while they were still courting.   

Speaking to Lianhe Zaobao, Liu, 44, and Chan, 42, relayed the incident which occurred while they were still very much a new couple. 

Chan said he was trying to start the engine of the motorbike with Liu riding pillion. He soon realised the bike wasn’t moving as he was pressing on the brake.

“When I loosened my grip on the brake, the bike flew forward,” he said. “I only remember both my legs swinging in the air… Jesseca nearly flew off the bike!"

The couple, who got married in July 2017, weren’t hurt from the incident, thankfully.   

On the recent trip, they elected not to use motorbikes as their mode of transportation. Instead, they said they walked wherever they went – to burn off the calories from all the holiday-eating.

Liu said the trip wasn’t just for nostalgia’s sake but also for husband to recuperate after his gruelling shoot for Chinese drama All That Glitters. It was also for “field research” for their upcoming spa business.

“Jeremy had a tough time filming for his last drama; not only did he have to go on a diet, he also had to exercise every day, so his whole body is full of injuries,” Liu said.

Jeremy Chan working out for his role in Chinese drama All That Glitters. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

"In Bali, we sought a different kind of massage nearly every day, which also gave us ideas for our spa business."

Currently, the Malaysian-born actress runs two spas, three homestay accommodations and a cafe in her hometown of Langkawi. She also has a brand of home fragrances – a small business she started jointly with Chan.

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