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Richie Koh receives plaudits for heartbreaking scene in local TV drama

There’s nothing like an emotional scene to showcase your acting chops. 

Local actor Richie Koh must have known that all too well when he made full use of his role in Mediacorp drama Cash On Delivery.

The 29-year-old is getting plaudits from viewers after his performance in a heartbreaking scene from the show, where his character’s grandmother dies.

The drama is set in 2020, and encompasses the Circuit Breaker period during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the show, Richie plays Juncong, a loan shark runner who masquerades as a food delivery man.

Towards the end of the drama, Juncong’s grandmother, played by Jin Yinji, gets Covid and is hospitalised. Juncong, who’s a close contact, then has to isolate himself in a quarantine facility. 

When his grandma’s condition takes a turn for the worse, Juncong is distraught and attempts to run out of the quarantine facility to see his grandmother for the last time. But his efforts are in vain, and his grandmother dies in the isolation ward. 

Speaking to, Koh was asked how he prepped for the emotionally charged scene. 

He said: "(Jin Yinji) was very worried about our scenes together, so we spent a lot of time talking and building our chemistry on the first day. I was trying to build a history and implanting her as a grandma into my mind. So with the script and the memories I made with her, I just let it flow during filming."

A short clip of Richie crying his heart out was posted on Mediacorp’s Instagram, and viewers have praised Koh’s performance in the show in the comments section.

“A drama that you’ll laugh and cry along with.. Richie, your acting was really great!” one comment read.

“The scene where he was kowtowing to his grandma made my heart ache after seeing it. I cried along with him. Well done, Richie,” another netizen wrote.

When asked if he'd seen all the praise he's been getting, Koh said: "I read a little here and there, not really a lot (of praise) lah. But most of them enjoyed the show, so overall, I'm glad."

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