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Zhang Ze Tong admits CPR scene in 'Healing Heroes' was 'really quite funny'

Amid the buzz (and laughter) on social media about a tragically comical scene from Mediacorp TV series Healing Heroes, actor Zhang Ze Tong has himself admitted that it’s “really quite funny”.

Healing Heroes, which premiered on Aug 9, is Mediacorp's first medical long-form drama. It stars Chen Han Wei, Ann Kok, Shaun Chen, and Pierre Png, alongside several fresh faces from Star Search 2019, including Zhang. 

In the scene, an aspiring doctor played by Zhang performs a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) procedure on a patient being wheeled in for emergency rescue.

Zhang, however, deviates a little from the prescribed method, and instead of compressing the patient's chest, bobs his head up and down rather absurdly.

The segment caused a stir on subreddit r/Singapore, where a user highlighted the acting in it.

Zhang, and the show itself, found himself as the butt of a few jokes, as a result. 

On Sept 13, the 29-year-old, who earned himself a contract with Mediacorp through Star Search 2019, responded to the hoo-ha, acknowledging that the scene is "really quite funny" now that he's watched it.

He added that every medical-related scene has a practitioner on the set, and that the production crew's top priority is to ensure the accuracy of such scenes.

The actor then thanked everyone for their "constructive feedback", and asked for viewers to continue supporting the drama.



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