Here's how you can prevent mould from forming on your clothes

If you have been working from home since or even before the circuit breaker and will continue to do so indefinitely, most of what is in your closet is not going to see the light of day any time soon.

Storing clothes untouched for long periods of time can be a problem in our hot and humid climate.

The high moisture levels, bacteria and microscopic fungi in the air can cause mould to grow on fabric, especially on items made of silk and leather.

If you are worried about your favourite fashion pieces being ruined, here are three easy steps to store your clothes properly and increase their longevity.


Pull Out Clothes That You Hardly Wear

Start off by organising your wardrobe. While you go through every single article of clothing, ask yourself this: "Will I wear this now?" If the answer is yes, put it back. Otherwise, take it out and set it aside.


Pack The Separated Pile

Pack the items that you have pulled out from the closet into an air-tight bag, and stow them away. This will allow more room for your everyday clothes to "breathe", as the additional space will promote ventilation, which helps to prevent mould from forming.

Pro tip: Opt for travel compression bags, which can be easily purchased on websites like Shopee and Lazada, to stow your clothes.


Use A Moisture Absorber

Disposable dehumidifiers, like those from Thirsty Hippo, work wonders in drawing out excess moisture. They contain calcium chloride, an anhydrous salt that reacts with water, effectively trapping it. Place one in your wardrobe to reduce the amount of moisture circulating in it. For optimal results, do remember to replace it once every two months.

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