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Invest in these luxury fashion items with the highest resale values

These luxury fashion items are a safe bet for high resale value, so long as you don't wear them out

Investing isn't just all indexes and numbers - you can invest in fashion too, albeit with smaller returns.

Some people might scoff at the idea that a handbag will get you returns in the future, but look what happened with the Birkin. You get to actually rock the piece too (as long you take care of it).

If you're looking to drop some cash into something that will complete your outfit and retain - if not increase - its value when it's no longer your style, these luxury fashion items are pretty safe bets.


Due to their limited availability, the ultra-coveted and ultra-luxurious Birkin and Kelly bags are one of the best "investment" bags you can treat yourself to.

Not only are the designs timeless and will pretty much go with everything you own, they get snapped up on the second-hand market very quickly too. When buying a Birkin or Kelly, pick one in a neutral colour like beige or black as they are classic colours that are easier to sell.


The classic double flap is where it's at. Chanel's iconic 2.55 handbag first debuted in 1955 for US$220 (S$298), and is now worth roughly 30 times that amount - and its value increases every year. Clean lines, feminine quilting and its slightly edgy chain and leather woven straps make it the perfect everyday bag that instantly elevates even the most basic outfit.


Think "luxury watch" and it is likely the first brand that comes to mind. Superior craftsmanship, great design, wonderful heritage and of course, the number of celebrities and VIPs that sport Rolex watches allow for most models to increase in value over time. Even if you're not a timepiece person, just think of a Rolex watch as a luxurious accessory that adds a pop to any outfit.


US rap star Kanye West's famous Yeezy kicks are produced in limited quantity, and with atheleisure trending hard now, you'll find that a pair of Yeezys can resell at nearly five times their original retail value. For example, his Nike Air Yeezy Red Octobers (released in February 2014) retailed at US$250, but have an average resale value of a whopping US$5,600 today. Think about that before going for a run in your next pair of Yeezys.


Remember a few years back when US reality TV star and beauty guru Kylie Jenner admitted the reason she always sported a Love bracelet was because she couldn't remove it? Well, if that isn't testament to its longevity and timelessness, we don't know what is. We recommend opting for the diamond-paved one as in the event that Cartier becomes unfashionable one day, a diamond bracelet will always be valuable.


If Rolex isn't your style, then perhaps a Patek Philippe is. Its famous slogan - "You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation" - hints at not only its heritage, but also the fact that its value is bound to increase over time. Patek Philippes are known for setting auction house records, and part of the reason why they are so valuable is because it's been rumoured that less than one million pieces have been made since 1839. The only "downside" with Patek Philippes is their extremely high entry level prices compared with Rolexes, running at about US$20,000.


Wearing second-hand shoes, much less buying them, might cause many to scrunch up their noses in disgust - but not when you're talking about a pair of Louboutins. There are very few shoe brands that can maintain their value, but the famed red sole is a different story. As they are consistently in demand, so long you take good care of them and opt for styles that are more versatile and timeless, you should not have an issue on the resale market.

Invest in these luxury fashion items with the highest resale values


Whether wrapped around the handle of a handbag or draped elegantly around your neck, these silk numbers retail at around US$395 and can resell well into the thousands depending on the style, season and artist behind the design. Each piece is handmade in France and silkscreened by hand, and often features works by renowned artists, adding to its value. Keep an eye out for the limited edition pieces as those are worth the most.

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