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Six healthier alternatives to isotonic drinks

Coconut water

Filled with potassium and electrolytes, coconut water effectively helps to replenish and hydrate your body after sweating it out. Plus, it only contains about 45 calories per cup. Just make sure to drink natural coconut water, with no added sugar or flavourings.

Chocolate milk

Drinking chocolate milk post-workout is great for muscle recovery. It's packed with carbohydrates and protein, which is great for sore and tired muscles.

And it helps to replenish the fluid you have lost after working out too.


Taking a small dose of coffee about an hour before can help to boost your workout. Caffeine helps your muscles to burn your body fat quicker, which improves your performance. Caffeine is especially helpful if you're doing strength-training exercises. It helps to reduce perceived muscle pains, making it easier for you to push harder.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon helps to speed up your recovery process and reduce muscle soreness. It also efficiently hydrates your body after strenuous workouts. Cut up the fruit and blend it up for a refreshing and satisfying drink with no added sugar.


Nothing can beat trusty plain water.

With zero calories, water is essential for any workout. It hydrates your body and helps to regulate your body temperature. You can never go wrong by sticking to calorie-free drinking water. You can even add some natural flavours by infusing fruits into your water.

Make your own

By making your own isotonic drink, you'll be in full control of how much sugar is added.

Mix a liquid such as coconut water, unsweetened green tea or water with a pinch of salt. Add in your favourite fruit juice along with a dash of honey for a homemade post-workout treat.

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