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Choose from these steamboat delivery options for your reunion dinner

Steamboats are the default option for Chinese New Year gatherings - they are delicious, easy to prepare, and you can eat for as long as you like without worrying about the food getting cold.

For those who want to avoid jostling with crowds at restaurants, check out these steamboat delivery options for a fuss-free, at-home reunion dinner this year.


While it is not possible to hire someone to do the noodle dance in your home, you can still prepare your own hotpot with the best of HDL classics such as the tomato soup, Sichuan spicy soup and signature shrimpwah.

Price: $368 for 8 pax (Set D). A delivery fee of $20 applies. Call 6509-4111 (313@somerset outlet).


It aims to provide a comprehensive all-in-one steamboat delivery service customised according to your needs.

You can choose which type of cooker to rent (including a barbecue cooker plate), as well as order disposable cutlery.

You get a choice of up to two soup bases, as well as abalone slices, prawns and shabu pork belly.

The soup bases come in a wide variety, including cordyceps flower mushroom and the new suan la fen mala.

Price: $238 for 6 pax (Signature Hotpot set). An additional fee of $15 applies for one-way delivery without set-up, and $80 for the full delivery service including set-up and collection of the cooker after you are done.


If you are looking for a great economical option, this is one of the most affordable in Singapore. You will also be able to get more dishes on an a la carte basis, but the cooker is not included.

Expect pork belly, yong tau foo, dory fish and golden mushrooms, plus utensils. The collagen chicken broth is an additional $8.

Price: $98 for 5 pax. Free delivery for a minimum order of $50.


Apart from a wide range of food options like three choices of premium meat, one boiled soup base, seafood including fresh tiger prawns, cuttlefish and abalone, it also sells gas cookers and yuan-yang pots, which is great for new homeowners who do not own these items yet.

Price: $208 for 6 pax. An additional surcharge of $30 for Chinese New Year applies.


There are plenty of bundles to choose from as well as the option of DIY steamboat if you prefer something more customised.

Each bundle comes with a free soup base, drinks, desserts and even a portable stove set.

Expect two soup bases, Norwegian salmon slices, beef and pork shabu and handmade ramen noodles.

Price: $150 for 8 pax (Steamboat King bundle D). Free delivery above $100.


While the familiar brand has various bundles for up to 6 pax, you can add on items from their a la carte menu.

On offer are two choices of broth, sliced Spanish pork collar, Alaskan crab sticks, silken tofu, and la mian (steamboat pot and cooker not provided).

Price: $131.84 for 5-6 pax (Set C). A delivery fee of $5 is applicable with a minimum order of $70, and free with a minimum order of $100. If you opt for self-pickup, you can enjoy up to 15 per cent off.


Hailing from Bangkok, Coca offers fusion Thai-Chinese cuisine and boasts specialities such as handmade dumplings and shrimp paste.

You will be spoilt for choice with its extensive a la carte menu, where you can pick items to add to your bundle (mango salad after steamboat sounds delightful).

Pick two soup bases (including tom yam soup and the lethal-sounding Merciless Mala) to go with prawns, pork collar and the house special pork paste.

The bundle includes two portions of green noodles and two portions of Thai Mama noodles, as well as the in-house chilli sauce.

Price: $145 for 5-6 pax (Set B). Free delivery for orders above $100.

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