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Just going out for some durian, in a helicopter

How far would you go to satisfy a craving for durian straight from the tree?

Also, how high?

You can take that as not just about the cost of the outing, but also in a more literal sense.

If you have more money than time, you can just take a helicopter out to the farm, enjoy the fruit and fly back.

That is what a Datuk from Kuala Lumpur, who wanted a durian feast in Johor, did on June 22, Malaysian media reports said.

The businessman flew to the farm in Segamat with three friends, spent about an hour there, and flew back.

He specifically wanted local varieties of the fruit. They also had river fish, and other fruits from the farm, such as rambutans and mangosteens, at the al fresco buffet.

“We had a lot of fun with them, they ended up taking a lot of durians back to KL,” farmer Lokman Hakim Johar told the Malay Mail.

The durians cost RM88 per person and the river fish was another RM25 each.

That works out to a little over S$35 each.

It was not known how much the helicopter ride came to.