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Switch to healthier oil, rice with FairPrice Housebrand products

Improve your diet with sunflower oil or canola oil, and brown rice

Diet crazes are everywhere, but what lies at the heart of healthy eating is maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet.

This simply means we should not eat too little or too much of any particular type of food, and should pick healthier alternatives whenever possible.

We can start by looking at the types of oil and rice we consume, since they are present in just about every meal we have.

Sunflower oil and canola oil are two healthier alternatives to vegetable oil - the most commonly used cooking oil - suitable for everyday cooking.

Both oils contain some of the lowest levels of saturated fats and highest levels of unsaturated fats among all cooking oils, which contribute to a lower risk of heart disease and help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Sunflower oil is also a good source of vitamin E, while canola oil contains high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is a source of vitamins E and K.

Extra virgin olive oil is well-known for its pleasant fragrance and taste.

What sets it apart from regular olive oil is that it has undergone the least amount of processing, so on top of retaining flavour, it also retains the most nutrients.

Like canola and sunflower oils, extra virgin olive oil is high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats, and is a source of vitamins E and K.

It is also loaded with antioxidants and has been linked to lower blood pressure, reduced risk of strokes and protection against inflammation.

Despite its relatively low smoke point of around 200 deg C, extra virgin olive oil is still safe for most home cooking methods such as pan frying.

Make a healthier food choices with Fairprice and save on your grocery shopping budget with Fairprice mega saving deals

It is also ideal for use as a dip for lightly toasted bread or salad dressing.

While these alternatives carry a higher price tag than standard vegetable oil, you can still get them at affordable prices by choosing the housebrand options from FairPrice.

Among the pure oils available are FairPrice Sunflower Oil and FairPrice Olive Oil - Extra Virgin. You can also get blends that offer more versatility, such as FairPrice Canola Olive Oil and FairPrice Premium Canola with Sunflower Oil.


When it comes to rice, it is common knowledge that brown rice is healthier than white rice. You can start reaping the benefits by switching to FairPrice's Thai Rice Blend, which contains white rice mixed with red and brown unpolished rice, or go all out with FairPrice Thai Brown Unpolished Rice.


As we strive towards leading healthier lives, making the switch to healthier staple ingredients is an important first step.

Through affordable pricing, FairPrice is committed to making this step reachable for all.

Luxury living through loyalty points

In collaboration with European fashion brand Bugatti, FairPrice is bringing luxury living one step closer to all shoppers with its latest loyalty rewards programme.

From today to May 20, every $30 spent in a single receipt at all FairPrice stores will entitle shoppers to one bonus point, which can be accumulated to redeem a range of luggage and accessories by Bugatti at special prices that can be up to 80 per cent lower than their recommended retail price (RRP).


The Messenger Bag (RRP $89; $34.90 with four points; $25.90 with eight points) is perfect for casual everyday use.

Accessibility is a key feature of this bag, which has a large, padded interior compartment well-suited for carrying laptops up to 13 inches or 33cm, as well as two external compartments for smaller items.


It can also be a handy companion for rugged activities as it is washable on both its internal and external surfaces.

For an even more compact option for the bare essentials, grab the Cross Body City Guide (RRP $42; $19.90 with four points; $11.90 with eight points).

The Everyday Backpack (RRP $129; $42.90 with four points; $29.90 with eight points) is probably the most versatile of the lot.

Within its main compartment, you will find a dedicated laptop slot and various pockets that allow you to neatly segment your belongings in an organised manner. There is also a Velcro-fastened front compartment and a front zip pocket with multiple pen slots, which ensure quick access to the items you need most.

If you love travel, you'll love Bugatti's hardshell luggage cases in different sizes on offer too.

There is the substantial 28-inch case (RRP $229; $99.90 with four points; $86.90 with eight points) ideal for extended overseas trips and a smaller International Air Transport Association-sized case (RRP $199; $79.90 with four points; $66.90 with eight points).

Complete your look with some stylish accessories that will be useful for both everyday use and on your travels.

These include the minimalist Blanket (RRP $79.90; $36.90 with four points; $26.90 with eight points) and Scarf (RRP $39.90; $12.90 with four points; $7.90 with eight points), which can provide some respite from cold weather abroad and overly-intense air conditioning when you are indoors in Singapore.

Don't forget to score the Men's Wallet (RRP $119; $32.90 with four points; $25.90 with eight points) - which boasts radio-frequency identification (RFID) protection - and the Ladies' Purse (RRP $129; $36.90 with four points; $29.90 with eight points) with a surface made of real napa leather.

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