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Whip up an 8-course CNY feast for reunion dinner

Instead of eating out and jostling with the crowds for reunion dinner this year, why not gather your dearest around your dining table?

And you don’t have to trawl the Internet for recipes either – we’ve got 8 handy recipes right here specially created for Chinese New Year. Plus, they each come with video guides to help you master each dish in no time. 

From a stunning Buddha Jumps Over The Wall pot dish, to pork stirfries and even a homemade bak kwa recipe, impress your loved ones with a restaurant-worthy eight-course meal.

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Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Treat your family to the best Buddha Jumps Over The Wall this Chinese New Year with our secret recipe. Comprising almost all the Chinese delicacies such as abalone and sea cucumber, this dish will ensure your year starts on an auspicious note. 

Get the full recipe here

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Stir-Fried King Prawns In Black Bean Soy Sauce

This mouth-watering dish of king prawns fried with fragrant black bean sauce is perfect for sharing over the dinner table. Plus, it only take 30 mins to prepare! 

Get the full recipe here

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Stir-Fried Scallops With XO Sauce

Here’s a recipe for an elegant, yet deceptively simple Chinese New Year treat. Creamy, tender scallops with an array of vegetables which are boiled, then stir-fried to lock in all that natural flavour. 

Get the full recipe here

Butter & Salted Eggs Pork

Succulent bite-sized pieces of pork loin are deep-fried and tossed into a curry leaf, chilli, butter and salted egg extravaganza. 

Get the full recipe here

Fatt Choy Mushrooms With Broccoli

This is the perfect dish to cook for your daily dinner as it’s filled with the needed nutrients to get you going. Braised in soy and oyster sauce, the mushrooms are cooked to soft and tender. The fatt choy (black moss) also gives the dish an added texture. Simple and easy to cook, this Chinese cuisine is a refreshing change from the meat dishes. 

Get the full recipe here.

Steamed Garouper with Superior Oyster Sauce

Any Chinese New Year banquet would not be complete without a fish dish to symbolise the traditional concept of ‘annual abundance’. Serve up this sumptuous garouper dish that’s dripping with delicious oyster sauce! 

Get the full recipe here

Steamed Chicken with Radish and Red Dates

A traditional dish that can’t be missed during Chinese New Year, steamed chicken with radish and red dates is both delicious and healthy. Eating red dates during Chinese New Year brings hope of prosperity to the household. It is also a herb commonly used in soups to boost the immune system. Using this ingredient in dishes symbolises that you have a fruitful year ahead. 

Get the full recipe here

Homemade Bak Kwa

Love bak kwa but too lazy to queue for it during the Chinese New Year period? Make your own at home and who knows, you may never want to buy it again. With simple seasonings, you just have to marinade the minced meat and put it in the oven to bake. In no time, your bak kwa will be ready to serve and eat! 

Get the full recipe here

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