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2020 Pinterest home decor trends to inspire you

Pick up ideas to give your pad a different look

Getting the itch to spruce up your home now that you are looking at your four walls day in, day out?

Be inspired by these interior design and decor ideas from the annual Pinterest 100 report, in which the media company shares the top 100 trends that are popular among its users across various topics, so you can get started on redecorating once the circuit breaker is over.


It is no secret that being surrounded by greenery is good for you, and the "jungalow" fad of 2018 looks set to be an evergreen trend.

If you are really keen on an urban tropical paradise, go one step further with microgreens. Grow herbs and salad fixings for your own farm-to-table experience right at home.


Another way to go green? Sussing out vintage or second-hand furniture, or giving your old ones a new lease of life instead of sending them to the dump.

You will be surprised at how a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering can transform a worn-out piece of furniture. Places to check out include Hock Siong & Co, Second Charm and The GoDown.


If vibrant colours and rich patterns are your thing, then take a leaf from Pinterest's assortment of Spanish-style bathrooms.

If they are too flamboyant for your taste, incorporate just one or two elements to jazz up a minimalist space. Patterned tiles, for example, are hallmarks of Spanish interiors.


Your stay-home movie dates or Netflix binges just got upgraded. Audio rooms solely for enjoying your tunes are also popular with Pinterest's music lovers.

But not everyone has a spare room or budget for an entertainment room. Consider dedicating a corner instead, or get a projector and use a blank (preferably white) wall. Arm yourself with comfy covers, pillows and popcorn, and you are all set.


Waking up and heading to a cafe for your daily brew might not be doable for most, but you sure can add a little pizzazz to your morning routine.

Or if you often play host, it makes for an impressive focal point in your kitchen or living room.

From carts to dressers or even underutilised space on your counter, there are plenty of ways to savour your java in style.


You might associate water features with good fengshui, but the sound of trickling water does lend a sense of tranquillity and calm to your space.


Short of heading to the onsen, take a leisurely soak at home in a Japanese-style tub.

These deep-walled tubs, otherwise known as ofuro, are designed for soaking while in an upright position. It also takes up less real estate. A freestanding tub offers more versatility.

Ofuros are traditionally crafted with wood, but modern iterations include tiles, stainless steel and fibreglass.


Evoke the romance of a bygone era with furnishings that capture the feel of real antiques.

French-inspired decorative accents, like patinated mirrors and farm linens, are among some of the most favoured pins right now.

2020 Pinterest home decor trends to inspire you

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