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Celebs and their pampered pets

In the recent animated movie DC League Of Super-Pets, Superman’s best friend is a dog named Krypto.

Voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the loyal pooch – together with a ragtag team of animals, including Batman’s dog Ace (Kevin Hart) – saves the day in the pet-centric movie which opened earlier this month.

Johnson and Hart, who are both doting dog dads in real life, are not the only stars who pamper their pets.

Some of the luckiest pets on the planet have celebrity “pawrents” who treat them like their babies, dressing them in designer togs and taking them on vacation in private jets.

Some even star in advertisements and have legions of followers on social media.

Talk about a dog’s life.

1. BTS

BTS’ Jungkook (left) with his Doberman Bam and V with his Pomeranian Yeontan. PHOTOS: BTS_BIGHIT/TWITTER, TAEHYNG.BIGHITENTERTAINMENT/INSTAGRAM


V’s Yeontan and Jungkook’s Bam are the most famous of the many pets owned by members of the mega South Korean boy band.

Yeontan, a pomeranian named for coal briquettes in Korean, has close to 570 million views for his hashtag on TikTok and is known as the unofficial eighth member of the band.

Bam, a doberman pinscher that is also called Jeonbam, has more than 106 million views for #jeonbam on TikTok.

The two hounds receive lots of affection from the group’s seven dog-loving members, and can be seen giving licks and cuddles in videos and photos.

2. Blackpink

Blackpink’s Lisa has five cats (pictured is Leo) and a dog, who have their own Instagram account. PHOTO: LALALA_LFAMILY/INSTAGRAM


All members of the chart-topping girl group have pets, with Lisa having the most – five cats and a dog, all with names starting with L. The pets have their own Instagram account, with 2.4 million followers.

Blackpink’s Rose and her adopted dog, Hank. PHOTO: HANK_SAYS_HANK/INSTAGRAM


Rose’s adopted dog Hank also has his own account, with an impressive 3.2 million followers, and according to his bio, “has a very happy tail”.

Blackpink’s Jennie and her dog, Kai. PHOTO: JENNIERUBYJANE/INSTAGRAM


Jennie’s two dogs, Kai and Kuma, are not so active on social media and make only rare, but adorable, appearances.

Blackpink’s Jisoo and her dog, Dalgom. PHOTO: SOOYAAA__/INSTAGRAM


Jisoo, the fourth member of the quartet, has a white maltese pup named Dalgom which lives with her parents after she developed a dog allergy.

3. Simu Liu

Actor Simu Liu with his rescue pet Chopa. PHOTO: MIPERRACHOPA/INSTAGRAM


The 33-year-old Marvel star has a princess in his life – his rescue dog Chopa, that he fell in love with while filming in the Dominican Republic in 2021.

He had to jump through numerous hoops to fly her back to Los Angeles with him. The doggo has her own Instagram account with around 20,000 followers, where she is seen living her best life in Hollywood.

4. Chris Evans

Actor Chris Evans with his rescue pup Dodger. PHOTO: CHRISEVANS/INSTAGRAM


Superhero to the rescue – Captain America, to be exact. Actor Chris Evans rescued Dodger in 2017 when he visited a pound for a shoot and fell head over heels for him.

Dodger, a boxer mix, appears almost as frequently as his 41-year-old owner on his social media feed. In a National Rescue Dog Day post on May 20 that melted hearts all over the Internet, Dodger was seen resting his head contentedly on Evans’ shoulder as he drove.

The star even has his dog’s name tattooed on his chest. Truly man’s best friend.

5. Sharon Au

Sharon Au with her cat, Rudon. PHOTO: SHARONAU13/INSTAGRAM


Paris-based Singaporean host-actress Sharon Au, 47, has shown off her cat Rudon on her Instagram account since she adopted him in 2020 during the pandemic, and they are often seen holidaying together in enviable locations.

Earlier this year, the poor kitty was traumatised when burglars broke into Au’s apartment while she was away. Luckily, they did not harm a whisker on the feline.

6. Desmond Tan

Actor Desmond Tan with his dogs, Udon (right) and Hoshi. PHOTO: THEDESMONDTAN/INSTAGRAM


The 36-year-old actor frequently shows off his two dogs – Udon, a mixed-breed rescue pup, and Hoshi, an English cocker spaniel – on Instagram, calling them his “furkids”.

While he bought Hoshi, Tan is now a firm advocate of adopting instead of buying after getting Udon. He started an initiative, The Blue Socks, in 2016 with pet grooming salon June’s Pethouse to spread awareness of animal adoption and raise funds for shelters in Singapore.

7. Taylor Swift

Singer Taylor Swift with her Ragdoll cat, Benjamin Button. PHOTO: TAYLORSWIFT/INSTAGRAM


The 33-year-old singer-songwriter’s three cats are so famous that if she fails to share updates on them, her fans suspect they are dead.

The trio are named Meredith Grey (the Grey’s Anatomy character played by Ellen Pompeo), Olivia Benson (the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character played by Mariska Hargitay) and Benjamin Button (from the 2008 movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt).

Needless to say, they lead a purr-fect life, appearing in Swift’s music videos, song lyrics and ads, and even have their own line of limited-edition merchandise.

8. Daniel Henney

Actor Daniel Henney with his dog, Roscoe. PHOTO: DANIELHENNEY/INSTAGRAM


The Criminal Minds actor rescued his golden retriever Juliette from a dog meat farm in South Korea in 2020. She and his other goldie, Roscoe, are fixtures on his Instagram grid, joining him on hikes and boat trips.

The 42-year-old American actor, who is an ardent animal activist, facilitated the rescue of another golden retriever from a South Korean dog meat farm last year, finding the pooch a new home in the United States.

9. Show Lo

Singer Show Lo and his dog, Yuki. PHOTO: YUKI_2020_10_10/INSTAGRAM


The Taiwanese singer-host, who was effectively cancelled after a cheating scandal in April 2020, found solace in his giant poodle, Yuki, born on Oct 10 that year, according to her Instagram account.

He also credited his furkid for helping him get through the pandemic lockdowns. Lo, 43, and his mother, who is also a dog lover, are said to have rescued more than 500 dogs. He reportedly bought a plot of land in his home town for NT$35 million (S$1.6 million) to build an animal shelter.

10. Son Ye-jin

Actress Son Ye-jin with her Maltese dog, Kitty. PHOTO: YEJINHAND/INSTAGRAM


The intimate wedding of K-drama darlings Son Ye-jin, 40, and Hyun Bin, 39, earlier this year had a very special canine guest – her dog Kitty, that now lives with the couple.

The white maltese often appears in Son’s social media posts and even recently starred in a pet food commercial. Kitty will soon have a human sibling, as Son is pregnant with her first child.