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More room to spread Hawker food delights

Last month, No Signboard Holdings — best known for its brand of No Signboard Seafood Restaurants — launched the first outlet of Hawker, a wholly owned subsidiary specialising in burgers with Asian flavours, at Esplanade Mall.

The second outlet launched at One@KentRidge #04-19/20 on Dec 1.

To celebrate the launch, Hawker is giving out 50 free burgers daily between Dec 1 and 5 at its One@KentRidge outlet.

From now until Dec 31, Hawker's kopi will cost only $1 at both outlets (Esplanade Mall #01-13E Annexe and One@Kentridge #04-19/20).

The One@KentRidge outlet can seat 80 diners and provides free Wi-Fi, mobile charging points and tablet computers for diners to surf the Internet, read The Straits Times online and play mini games.

The most mouth-watering feature of Hawker is, of course, its signature dishes.

Multicultural burgers

The Chilli Crab Bao is a scrumptious blend of sweet and spicy fillings of chilli crab and condiments, all within a fried mantou (fried bun).

The Chicken Rice Burger is a tasty mix of the spicy and delicious tang of the beloved hawker fare sandwiched between two steamed rice patties.Fancy a Nasi Lemak Burger on the go? Grab this delightful combination of chicken, cucumber and chilli sambal tucked between two fragrant coconut rice patty “buns”.

Even the humble roti prata has been transformed into signature Prata Wraps. Sink your teeth into a delicious filling of melted cheese, onions, curry and eggs enveloped by a crispy prata.

Hawker QSR range of burgersPHOTO: HAWKER QSR

The brand is led by Mr Eric Er, Hawker QSR's vice-president of operations, who is a 22-year veteran in the fast-food industry.

Mr Sam Lim, executive chairman and chief executive officer of No Signboard, says: “After over 30 years of being in the seafood restaurant business, for the first time, our group is branching out to fast-moving and higher turnaround fast food business.

"This will allow our group to cater to the ever-changing palates of Singaporean consumers and is in line with our core strategy to add diversity to our restaurant business portfolio."

Satay Burger at Hawker QSRPHOTO: HAWKER QSR


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